Questions and Tips
How do I report a problem or utility emergency?
If you are experiencing a utility (power, water, wastewater) emergency please call our office at (803) 321-1018 if during regular business hours.

Call (803) 276-0311 if your emergency is after hours, holidays, or weekends.
How do I report a low or downed power line?

During normal business hours please call (803)321-1018. If after hours, weekends, or holidays please call (803) 276-0311. Please stay away from downed lines until the Electric Division has assessed what type of line it may be. (Fiber, Telephone, or  Power)

Will the City cut or trim my tree(s)?

The City of Newberry reserves the right to trim our electrical, water, and wastewater right of ways on our schedule without notification to the property owner. We do not come onto private property to cut. Please contact utilities if you have a tree in question and would like us to determine if it is on private property or in our right of way.

Will the Utilities deparment fill my swimming pool with water?

No, we do not fill swimming pools with water.

How can I buy bulk water?

Please contact Warehouse Operations on how to buy bulk water. Utilities does not offer delivery service for bulk water sales.

What is the difference between a water main and service line?

A water main delivers water to multiple customers in a specific geographic area, is located in the public right-of-way or street, and is owned, operated, and maintained by City of Newberry Utilities. 

A service line connects to a water main to deliver water to one customer via a meter. City of Newberry Utilities owns and maintains the portion of the service line from the main to the meter. Customers are responsible for maintaining the remainder of the line from the meter to their property. 

Why is my water discolored?

While changes in the color of your water can be alarming, they are considered an aesthetic issue and do not impact public health. Common causes for discolored water can include:

Flow Changes in a Water Main
Mineral deposits can accumulate inside some water mains, which usually isn’t a problem. However, changes in flow from construction activity or fire hydrant use can cause these deposits to break loose and dissolve in the water, resulting in discoloration. If you experience discolored water, run cold water through your bathtub faucet until the water clears. If the problem persists, call us at 803-321-1018.

Rust in Water Heater Tanks
If you see discolored water when using the hot water tap, the cause may be rust build-up in your home’s water tank. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and flush your tank periodically to remove any material that has built up over time.

I have a question concerning my water or electric meter?

Please contact Utilities Department with any questions concerning your meter at (803) 321-1018.

Why is my bill so high?

There are many factors that may cause a utility bill to be higher than normal. Please contact Utility Billing for questions concerning your bill.

When is my disconnect date?

Please visit Utility Billing or contact the Finance Department at (803)321-1007.