Frequently Asked Questions
What day is my trash picked up?
The City of Newberry's Public Works department picks up trash in different areas of the city Monday-Friday. For a copy of that schedule, click map here

Trash pickup is altered several times per year for various holidays. A copy of that holiday schedule can be found here.
My leaves/limbs weren't picked up. What should I do?
Limbs/leaf debris are scheduled to be picked up the day following your typical cart collection schedule. However, please make sure to keep shrubbery, leaves, and limbs separate from metal, paper or plastic. Tree limbs, tree trunks and other such debris cannot be longer than eight (8) feet in length, nor have diameters greater than twelve (12) inches. Make sure debris is close enough to the curb, but not in the street for easy access for normal collection methods. 
Does your department pick up appliances/furniture?
Appliances and any metal type objects such as bicycles, hot water heaters, metal beds, air conditioners, lawn mowers, etc. will be picked up on FRIDAYS ONLY. Furniture such as chairs, sofas, mattresses, old wooden or wire fence with post, cardboard boxes, light metals such as swing sets, etc. need to be placed at the edge of the owner's property, easily accessible to the city's collection personnel and equipment. 

The property owner will be responsible for notifying the public works department that such material has been placed where designated for collection. DO NOT place near utility poles, street signs, trees, fire hydrants or on water meters or in ditches.
Does the City of Newberry pick up paint?
Yes. Paint will only be picked up if it is solidified. It can be mixed with dirt, sand, or kitty litter to solidify. 
Does the City of Newberry provide roll off containers?
Yes. However, these are only provided for city residents doing home clutter removal or cleanout of their household. They are not provided for home construction projects. These containers measure 16.4 cubic yard (14x96) and can be used for a period of five (5) days. But if container is not in high demand, time could be extended. To obtain more information and cost, please contact our department at 803-321-1020.
Does the City of Newberry repair potholes?
The City of Newberry can only repair potholes on city-owned streets. To find out if the street in question is owned/maintained by the state, visit SCDOT Street Finder.
My roll cart has been stolen. What should I do?
If a cart is stolen, it is the responsibility of the resident to purchase a new cart at the city's cost. 
My roll cart is damaged (split)/old. Can it be replaced?
Yes. Carts that are damaged or have outlived their useful life shall be replaced as determined by the Director of Public Works. It will be replaced at no charge to the resident. 
My roll cart smells. Can it be replaced?
No. It is the responsibility of the resident to keep their roll cart clean. To help with this, we recommend periodically washing/rinsing carts out and keeping all contents inside of trash bags.
How can I get an additional roll cart?
To request an additional roll cart, contact the City of Newberry Public Works Department at 803-321-1020. It will be delivered and the fee will be added to your bill. 
There's a hole in my yard where debris has been repeatedly picked up. What should I do?
This is what is called a dugout. When the City of Newberry has repeatedly picked up debris and a hole has accumulated from this service. The city will repair and refill this area upon being contacted by the resident. Please contact the Public Works Department at 803-321-1020.