Welcome The Newberry City Police Department is committed to continuing the practices, evaluating our procedures, and improving processes by which we deliver services to our citizens.  We will endeavor to maintain trust through open, honest dialogue, operational transparency, and accountability of our actions. 

We will continue to develop innovative strategies to prevent and solve crime through collaborative community relationships.  Embracing new strategies and relationships builds our capacity to provide exceptional police service, thus enhancing the quality of life in our city.

As your chief of police, I will always listen to your needs and strive to be open and honest with community members as well as the men and women with whom I serve. I believe maintaining a high level of professionalism within the police department serves to maintain the quality of public safety citizens deserve and fosters collaborative efforts which result in constantly improving community relations.

I would like to thank the City Mayor, Foster Senn, City Council and City Manager, Matthew Dewitt, for their confidence and support; giving me the opportunity to serve the citizens of Newberry and lead one of the best group of officers this profession has to offer.  


Mission Statement

It is the MISSION of the Newberry Police Department to SERVE and PROTECT our community while enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

Vision Statement

The VISION for the Newberry Police Department is to be a THRIVING TEAM with growing opportunities to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with the community we serve. To be recognized as one of the foremost professional, effective and progressive police departments in South Carolina.

Core Values

Honor; Integrity; Pride; Selfless Service; Commitment; Courage

The Newberry Police Department is located on Nance Street in downtown Newberry, in the city's Public Safety Complex.
In case of emergency, call 911. If you need other services, you should contact the administrative offices at 803.321.1010 or contact us on the website.

Senior Command Staff
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Michael Kennedy Joseph Brogdon
Major Captain