Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Office is in City Hall at 1330 College Street in downtown Newberry. Within this department you will find everything that you need to know about Building Construction and Renovation requirements, Building Codes, Local Ordinances, Permitting, Zoning issues and Land Development. This department also administers the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Architectural Review Board, and the Construction Board of Appeals.

Here you will also find the administration of the Rental Housing Registration. All Rental Properties must register their properties here so the City can maintain a list to deal with issues with these properties or the renters.

A final area of responsibility is the enforcement of our local ordinances regarding property maintenance and nuisances that have an effect on nearby properties. These include lawn and property maintenance, keeping unlicensed vehicles, trash accumulation, and other issues.

Frequently Searched Items:

  1. Zoning Ordinance
  2. Building Permit Forms
  3. Zoning Map
  4. Change of Zoning Petition 
  5. Zoning Variance Form
  6. Architectural Review Board Forms

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