Code Enforcement

The City of Newberry Code of Ordinances defines the laws of the City and how they relate to State of South Carolina Statutes. Within this there are several Ordinances that relate to properties and activities on those properties that affect others. It also includes the restrictions defined in the overall Zoning Ordinance. Enforcement of many of these regulations is the responsibility of the City Inspection Department. Properties deemed to be in violation of these will have a violation letter mailed to them and it will be physically posted on the property. Offending Owners typically have seven days to address the issue to avoid a fine being enforced. Common violations include:

  • Grass/weeds over 12” are not allowed (Section 8-20)
  • Rubbish and garbage are not allowed to accumulate inside or outside residences (Section 8-21)
  • Motor vehicles that are not tagged or do not run are not allowed on the premises unless it is in an enclosed garage (Section 8-40)
  • Indoor furniture or appliances are not allowed on exterior porches or in the yard (Section 11-32)
  • Cows, horses, or other animals of service are not allowed within the City limits (Section 3-12)
  • Up to six chickens are allowed on residential property provided they are totally confined, but no roosters are allowed (Section 3-22)
  • Barking and howling dogs that habitually create a nuisance are not allowed (Section 3-9)
  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked in residential areas over 24 hours (Zoning Article 1103.2)
  • Recreational vehicles must be parked in a garage or in the rear yard (Zoning Article 1103.1)
  • Property must be maintained in accordance with the IBCC property Maintenance Code (Section 8-12)
  • Recreational vehicles and campers are limited to one per lot and cannot be occupied at all while on the premises (Zoning Article 1103.4)