Building Construction

All construction within the City of Newberry must comply with the adopted Building Codes and the Ordinances of the City. To be sure that this occurs all new construction and renovation work valued at $500.00 or more must secure a Building Permit for the work. To start this process an application must be submitted along with sufficient drawings and other documentation to fully describe the work. All contractors performing work must secure the appropriate permit, be licensed by South Carolina Labor, Licensing, and Registration (SCLLR), and get a City of Newberry Business license. Once a permit is secured, it is the responsibility of the person performing the work to notify the Building Inspector to review the work at the required stages to ensure that the work is done in accordance with the Building Code. At the completion of the work a final inspection is required for a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued. This must occur prior to the business being opened. Any business that is moving into an existing building must have the building inspected and that a new Certificate of occupancy be issued.

The Building Official is responsible for administering the City’s Building and Zoning Ordinances, Planning, and the Building Inspections Program.

These generally include: 

  • Review properties for compliance with the Building Codes, Zoning Classification, and compliance.
  • Reviews all properties within the City for compliance with the City Ordinances.
  • Provides Building Code Compliance reviews on all building plans prior to a permit being issued.
  • Interprets and explains the Zoning Ordinances and Building Codes to Owners, Contractors, and others.
  • Provides administration and guidance to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Architectural Review Board.
  • Provides inspections of existing buildings , and new construction  to ensure compliance