Boards & Commissions

Boards and Commissions Application

Construction in the City of Newberry is administered through the Zoning Administrator and the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Architectural review Board. Their basic duties are as follows:

  • The Planning Commission is composed of seven members who serve three year terms and meet the third Monday of each month to consider requests for Zoning changes and developments within the City. If these requests are deemed to be in the City’s best interest they are approved and forwarded to the City Council who has two readings on the request to approve or disapprove the request. This process normally takes three months or more and there is a fee of $65.00.

  • The Zoning Board of Appeals is composed of five members who serve three year terms and meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month. They consider requests for variances from the strict requirements of the Zoning Ordinances or to address disagreements with interpretations of the Building Official. Requests for hearings before the Zoning Board of appeals must be submitted at least four weeks before the meeting and there is a $65.00 charge.

  • The Architectural Review Board is composed of five members who serve two year terms and meet on the third Thursday of each month. They are responsible for reviewing and approving all improvements and changes to all buildings in the Newberry Historic District including awnings and signage.