Fire Marshal's Office

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Welcome to the Fire Marshal's page for the Newberry Fire Department.  We are here to serve you in all facets of community risk reduction. The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for fire code compliance in new and existing businesses, fire prevention and training programs for our citizens, and fire cause and origin investigations.  On this page, you will find fire safety information, request forms, and links that will help you to ensure you are fire safe every day.

Code Compliance
We conduct fire and life safety inspections for compliance with local, state, and national codes and standards in businesses located within the city limits.  For new businesses and construction, we work closely with our city Building Official to conduct plan reviews, inspections during construction, and conduct a final Certificate of Occupancy inspection prior to a business opening.  If you would like to request an inspection of you business, you can fill out a request below and our Fire Marshal will reach out to you in order to schedule the inspection. 

Fire Inspection Request

Smoke Alarms

A vital part of your home fire safety plan is to have working smoke alarms throughout.  At a minimum, it is recommended to have a smoke alarm inside and outside each sleeping area of the home, as well as at least one smoke alarm on each level of a multi-story home.  Our firefighters are trained in proper placement and are available to test current smoke alarms, assist in replacing batteries, and installing new smoke alarms.  If you would like assistance, you can request assistance below. 

Smoke Alarm Request

Fire Watch

A fire watch is required in a building if the fire alarm or sprinkler system is down due to maintenance, malfunction, or any other reason that renders the systems inoperable.  Further guidance on the need for a fire watch can be obtained through our office.  Below you will find a link to the fire watch form that includes instructions for conducting the fire watch as well as a checklist for the person performing the fire watch.  The Fire Marshal should be notified anytime a fire watch is needed.  

Fire Watch Log

Home Safety Inspections

While the Newberry Fire Department is highly training in firefighting activities, fire prevention training is one of the best tools to keep our community safe.  If you would like firefighters to come to your home and provide guidance on ways to keep your home safe, help you plan escape routes, and answer any questions you have regarding fire safety, click on the link below to request a home fire safety visit. 

Home Fire Safety Request

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is an important part of fire prevention efforts.  This training can not only help you prevent fires, it can also help you know what to do in the event of a fire.  We can provide training to all ages and can tailor a program to fit the needs of your organization. We can provide a lecture-style presentation covering the topics that you request or general fire safety topics.  We also have the ability to conduct hands-on fire extinguisher training class with live fire.  Contact our office for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Recreational Fires

The City of Newberry has a no-burn ordinance prevents the burning of yard debris and other items.  In residential occupancies, recreational fires such as fire pits or fires for cooking are allowed and do not require any specials permits.  It is recommended to have the fire at least 25 feet away from your home our any building on your property, have all combustible debris cleared around the fire, and to have a means of extinguishment.  The preferred method of extinguishment is a hose pipe or a 5 gallon bucket of water.  

Organizations wishing to have a recreational fire, either a fire pit or bonfire, are required to obtain a recreational fire permit from the Fire Marshal's Office.  In order to obtain a permit, you should reach out to our office no less than three business days prior to your event.  As part of of the process, your site will be inspected to ensure all regulations are met prior to a recreational fire being approved.  Below is a link to our Recreational Fire Permit where you can see all the requirements for a fire.  Note that a permit is not valid unless it is signed and approved by the Fire Marshal.  

Recreational Fire Permit