Vision, Mission & Values

City Vision

Our vision is to be an open, engaged and thriving community. 

City Mission

To be prudent stewards of the public's resources as we provide citizens, businesses and visitors with excellent public services. 

City Values
We will embrace the diversity of people, interests, resources and perspectives throughout the city by seeking and considering the input of our stakeholders in our decision-making.
We are accountable to the citizens of Newberry. As stewards of public's resources, we acknowledge the public is counting on us. We must set and exceed expectations that ensure our intentions, words and deeds are beyond reproach. 
We will seek, establish and leverage cross-sector relationships with community-based organizations, educational institutions, businesses and other governmental entities to collectively build a better Newberry.
We will operate and lead in a manner that is consistent with the legal, ethical and moral expectations associated with your positions.
We seek first to serve. We will foster an environment that places the best interest of the public first, as demonstrated by our mission-driven decision-making. We understand that we exist for the people, to serve the people. People are the life blood of our community and we will do all we can to serve them.